Financial Advisor Online

Financial Advisor Online

Financial Advisor Online are a company in the United Kingdom that specalise in offering financial advise to clietns. Services ranging from mortgages, pensions, savings and financial protection.

We were approached by this company to create a bespoke WordPress theme. After getting information from the client about the services they wanted to provide, how the want their website to look and feel we started by drawing up some wireframes which were used to base the theme off. After the client signed off on this, we then got to work on developing the theme its self.

It was important for the client to be able to easily update content without the need of a website developer. This is the exact reason we used WordPress. Giving flexbility was important to ensure all information on the website was up to date.

We also created a contact form which floats down near the screen enabling potentional customers to get in touch whenever required. This was to try to increase the number of conversions on the website.

After creating the website we moved the website over to our own hosting setup. This ensures that the website is as optimised as possible and if the client has any issues we can easily login and sort them out saving costs for future updates.