Website Maintenance

After designing and developing your website we can offer maintenence packages to ensure your website is as optimsed and secure as possible. We have 4 packages available WordPress maintenence, Bespoke WordPress Plugins, SEO reports, Security Audits. You can find out what each of these packages contain below.

The good news is that if you are running WordPress your website does not have to have been designed for us to take advantage of any of these packages unlike our hosting.

Website Maintenance

After developing your website, you will want to keep it updated so it’s as secure and fast as possible. We offer packages to help your site stay updated and ontop of the competition.


Our WordPress maintanence packages are designed to keep your website updated when new plugin, theme or core updates come out. We will test compatibility to ensure your websit never goes down during an update


If your WordPress website requires any additional functionality we can create custom WordPress plugins. We specalise in WooCommerce plugins so if you have an online shop using WooCommerce we can help you create additional functionality to give your customers a great user experience.


One of the most important things about a website is security. We can run regular security audits on your website to ensure that any critical vulnerabilities are fixed as soon as possible.

SEO REPORTS (£5 Monthly)

With the internet growing every day it’s never been more important to improve your website search engine rankings. With our SEO maintanence package we will generate monthly SEO reports with advisements on how to improve your website SEO.


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