Activate Theatre School

Activate Theatre School

I was approached by Activate Theatre School to update their new website. Their current website was broken and needed updating as it was frustrating for users to navigate and often too long times to load pages.


To begin we researched the competition to get an understanding of what websites they would likely be competeing against for keywords. Since their services are local we took that into consideration and only looked at websites within a 40 mile radius of the company.

We spoke about features they would like the website to contain. They wanted the website to be really simple so customers could easily navigate which was currently a problem with their website. Activate Theatre also wanted to use the professional email addresses as they were currently using an outlook email to communicate with customers. They also wanted a contact form which they could easily link to so potentional clients could easily get in touch.


After finding out more about what Activate Theatre wanted their website to do, we set out to design the wireframes. Periodically checking in with Activate Theatre meant they had complete control over the design process to ensure they got the most out of their website.


Once the wireframes had been finalised, we got to work developing the website. We created a bespoke WordPress theme for the website from scratch. Developing the theme to look like the Wireframes we had designed and working with the client along the way. This ensures that the website is exactly what the client was after.

We put their website on our custom hosting server. This makes sure the website is as optimised as possible. Their old website and server had response times of over 10 seconds which is extreamely slow. Now their site is optiimsed for around 3 seconds.

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