We developed a website for the NHS charity “Oesophagoose”. The idea of the website was to give all patients undergoing treatment for gastric cancers infromation in a friendly clear manner. We worked with sergeons from the Royal Victoria Infirmary who did a study on patients in their care and found that an online place where they could all find information and communicate beneficial.

To begin with we talked through the staff to find out what pages they needed and how they wanted it laid out. We went away and started creating some mockups of designs we felt met the staff expectations. After some feedback and modifications they felt that we had a working protype.

One of the other main features they felt that patients would benefit from was a forum where they could talk to others going through the same treatments. We used a WordPress plugin to implement the functionality and then styled it to meet the same theme as the rest of the website. This saved a lot of time and ensured that the forum would get regular security updates than creating one from scratch.

The oesophagooose / Northern Oesophagogastric unit website was completely overhauled by Lewis. The end product is fantastic. He took time to understand exactly what we wanted from the site, came up with brilliant ideas to enhance it and was incredibily efficient and prompt in everything he did. I cannot praise highly enough working with Lewis and would recommend him to anyone needing help with a website.

Alex Phillips – Oesophagooose / Northern Oesophagogastric unit